Ptolemy gave a list of 48 Constellations:- Northern,Zodiacal,Southern
In 1930 the International Astonomical Union adopted a list of 88 official constellations

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Constellation Common Name Bright Stars Objects Mythology
Andromeda Andromeda Sirrah (Alpheratz) M31 , M32, NGC752 Princess Andromeda
Antlia The Airpump 6th Mag NGC3132 None
Apus The Bird of Paradise 5th Mag Orange giants None
Aquarius The Water-bearer Sadalmelik M2 , M72, NGC7009, NGC 7293 Ganymede, Zeus's cupbearer
Aquila The Eagle Altair Annual Meteor Showers 5 May, 28 July & 6th Aug Carried Ganymede to heaven
Ara The Altar 3rd Mag NGC 6193, NGC 6397 Sacrificial Altar
Aries The Ram Arietis ( Hamal) Double stars gamma & lambda Arietis The Golden Fleece sought by Jason
Auriga The Charioteer Capella M36,M37, M38 Erichthonius, Orsilochus or Myrtilus
Bootes The Herdsman Arcturus Annual Meteor shower Quadrantids 3/4 Jan Possibly Callisto's son, Arcas
Caelum The Graving Tool 5th & 8th Mag Double star None
Camelopardus The Giraffe 4th Mag NGC 2403 None
Cancer The Crab Acubens M44 - Beehive Cluster , M67 Attacked Hercules during his fight with Hydra
Canes Venatici The Hunting Dogs Cor Caroli M3, M51 - Whirlpool Galaxy, M94 The two Dogs of Bootes, the Herdsman
Canis Major The Great Dog Sirius M41, NGC 2362 Orion's Dog
Canis Minor The Little Dog Procyon Forms triangle with Sirius & Betelgeuse Orion's Smaller Dog
Capricornus The Sea-Goat Algedi Double stars & M30 Aegipan
Carina (part of Argo Navis ) The Keel Canopus NGC33 , 3532 NGC2516 The keel of the Argonaut
Cassiopeia Cassiopeia Schedar M52, NGC457 Queen Cassiopeia
Centaurus The Centaur Alpha Centauri, (Rigil Kentaurus) Proxima Centauri - closest star to Earth Upper body of man, lower body of horse
Cepheus Cepheus Alderamin Delta Cephei - Cepheid Variables King Cepheus
Cetus The Whale Menkar M77 Sea monster
Chamaeleon The Chameleon 4th & 5th Mag NGC 3195 None
Circinus The Compasses 3rd Mag Double Star None
Columba The Dove 5th Mag Runaway Star Noah's Ark
Coma Berenices Berenice's Hair Diadem M53, M64, M85, M88,M91, M98-100 Locks of Queen Berenice's hair
Corona Australis The Southern Crown 5th - 6th Mag NGC 6541 The crown worn by Sagittarius
Corona Borealis The Northern Crown Gemma (Alphecca) Blaze Star ( T Coronae Borealis) A wedding gift to Ariadne
Corvus The Crow Al Chiba Double Star Sent to fetch water,the crow ate figs and forgot - returning very late.
Crater The Cup 4th Mag None The goblet of Apollo
Crux Australis The Southern Cross Acrux (Crucis) Jewel Box None
Cygnus The Swan Deneb M29, NGC 6826,6992 Black Hole Form taken by Zeus in a seduction
Delphinus The Dolphin Sualacin Double Stars Persuaded Amphitrite to marry Poseidon?
Dorado The Swordfish 3rd - 4th Mag Large Megellanic Cloud None
Draco The Dragon Thuban Multiple Stars Ladon, guardian at Hesperides
Equuleus The Foal Kitalpha Multiple stars None
Eridanus The River Achernar Multiple stars Mythical European River
Fornax The Furnace 4th Mag Double Star None
Gemini The Twins Castor & Pollux M35, Nebulae & Meteor showers13 December Discori - Castor & Polydeuces
Grus The Crane Alnair Double Stars None
Hercules Hercules Ras Algethi M13, M92 & Variable stars Set 12 labours as punishment for killing his family
Horologium The Clock 4th Mag Variable stars None
Hydra The Watersnake Alphard M48, M68, M83& lots more Many headed monster, task of Hercules
Hydrus The Little Snake 3rd Mag Double Star None
Indus The Indian 5th Mag Double star None
Lacerta The Lizard 4th Mag None None
Leo The Lion Regulus M65,M66,M95 ,M96, M105 & meteor showers 17 November The Nemean Lion , a monster killed by Hercules as his first task.
Leo Minor The Little Lion 4th Mag None None
Lepus The Hare Arneb M79, NGC 2017 Incident at Leros
Libra The Balance Zubenelgenubi NGC 5897 None
Lupus The Wolf 3rd Mag NGC 5822 & 5986 Wolf held by Centaurus
Lynx The Lynx 5th Mag Double & multiple stars None
Lyra The Lyre Vega M56, M57 Meteor showers 21 April & 16 June Used by Orpheus
Mensa The Table 5th Mag Large Magellanic cloud None
Microscopium The Microscope 5th Mag Double star None
Monoceros The Unicorn 4th Mag M50, NGC 2232,2237-9 plus more None
Musca Australis The Southern Fly 4th Mag NGC 4833 None
Norma The Rule 4th Mag NGC6087,6067 & 6167 None
Octans The Octant 5th Mag South Pole Star None
Ophiuchus The Serpent-bearer Ras Alhague M10,M12,M14 plus Barnard's Star Sun passes through in December, so 13th sign of the zodiac ?
Orion Orion Rigel, Betelgeux M42,M43,M78 Meteor showers 21 Oct Plus lots more! Lots of tales, usually linked to Artemis
Pavo The Peacock Peacock NGC 6752 None
Pegasus The Flying Horse Markab M15 Pegasus
Perseus Perseus Algenib , Algol M34 , Showers 12th August Perseus
Phoenix The Phoenix 4th Mag Double stars None
Pictor The Painter 5th Mag Kapteyn's Star nearby None
Pisces The Fishes AlRischa M74 Aphrodite & Eros - who changed into fish to escape Typhon
Piscis Australis The Southern Fish Fomalhaut Double stars None
Puppis (part of Argo Navis ) The Stern Naos M46,M47, M93 plus more Part of the Argonaut's Ship
Pyxis The Compass 4th Mag Recurrent Nova None
Reticulum The Net 5th Mag Double Stars None
Sagitta The Arrow 5th Mag M71 Apollo used this to kill the Cyclopes - or Hercules to save Prometheus
Sagittarius The Archer Rukbat M8,17,18,20,21-25,28,55,69,70 plus more Crotus, son of Pan
Scorpius The Scorpion Antares M4,6,7,80 plus more The scorpion that killed Orion
Sculptor The Sculptor 5th Mag South Galactic Pole
NGC 55, 253
Scutum The Shield 4th Mag M11,26 None
Serpens The Serpent Unukalhai M5, M16 None
Sextans The Sextant 4.5 Mag NGC 3115 None
Taurus Th Beull Aldebaran M45 Pleiades, Hyades, M1 crab nebula Form taken by Zeus when he took Europa to Crete
Telescopium The Telescope 5th Mag Double Star None
Triangulum The Triangle 5th Mag M33 None
Triangulum Australe The Southern Triangle 2nd Mag NGC 6025 None
Tucana The Toucan 4th Mag Small Magellanic Cloud None
Ursa Major The Great Bear Dubhe, Merak M81,82,97,101,108 Callisto,turned into a bear
Ursa Minor The Little Bear Polaris Pole Star None
Vela (part of Argo Navis ) The Sails 2nd Mag NGC 2547, IC 2391 Part of the Argonaut's Ship
Virgo The Virgin Spica M49,M61,group - M58,59,60,84,86,87,89,90
Godess of Justice or Harvest
Volans The Flying Fish 4th Mag Double Star None
Vulpecula The Fox 4th Mag M27 None